Embracing the Experience of a Changing World

hands-65342_1280Our world is changing in the most fundamental of ways, far beyond what we were taught to cope with by our families, schools, societies or religious institutions.

This website is dedicated to helping you through the steps of this change and supporting you to become the highest version of yourself.

We’ve identified three aspects of the change this world is facing and three phases within each aspect:

  • Awaken (Awake, Aware, Action): Take off the blinders that you’ve been taught that keep you small and easily controllable, and grow into an sovereign being.
  • Enlighten (Beliefs, Happiness, Love): Uncover all the limiting beliefs, attitudes and conditionings that prevent the glorious light of who you truly are from shining forth.
  • Ascend (first, second, third): Welcome the multitude of energetic changes that are encouraging our transition into an ascended humanity.

Please begin with our Introduction page, which describes the three aspects and their phases in greater detail.